NIWA News January 2016

Thank you to our members who celebrated with us at our 2015 Christmas party. We had a great time chatting, playing party games, and eating delicious tofu dishes. 

NiWA`s schedule is jam-packed in January and February! Check out what`s coming up...

Oyster BBQ

Sunday, January 31 @ 12:00

Kaisen Ichiba Nagasakiko (Dejima Wharf)

-We are free to order what we want, so the price is up to you! Please let Shannon know if you can make it so she can confirm the reservation.

February Meeting

Wednesday, Feb 3 @ 18:00

Chikyu Shimin Hiroba          (Brick Hall)

-We will choose a date for the Doll Festival potluck and March meeting, as well as discuss making the donation from the charity sale.


Lantern Festival and dinner

Thursday, Feb 11 @ 17:30

Hamakatsu Honten     (Hamanomachi)

-We are free to order what we want, so the price is up to you! After dinner we will stroll over to China Town to enjoy the lanterns and performances.


Lunch with Roseline

Monday, Feb 15 @ 12:00

Ristorante Kuriya (Michinoo)

-Roseline will be back in town for a couple of days. Join us to catch up with her! Prices for lunch set is around ¥1,400.




September 2015

We had a good turn out and a productive monthly meeting at Brick Hall. Thank you to everyone who attended and shared inspired ideas. We`re looking forward to seeing everyone on September 13th!

Our first pricing meeting of the fall for the 2015 Charity Sale will be held on Sunday, September 13th at Miwa`s house. Please BYOB (bring your own bento). We`ll be starting at 10am sharp. Anyone needing directions please meet Shannon at the 7-11 near Oura Tenshudo Shita tram stop at 9:55am for a 2-minute guided tour to Miwa`s house.

The October monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 7th at 6pm at Brick Hall.

The 2015 annual Charity Sale is tentatively set for Sunday, November 29th at Nagasaki Shimin Kaikan. We are looking into some alternate locations. Further information will be announced at the October meeting.

Glover`s Night and Beer Garden will be our Autumn NIWA event on Sunday, September 20th at 6pm. Price of ¥2,700 includes dinner, one drink, and entrance into Glover Garden. NIWA will subsidize a portion of each member`s cost. Come on out with us and enjoy the cool Autumn night and great view of the city!

Nagasaki International Festival
Sunday, October 25th
10a-3p Dejima Kouryukaikan

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our members:

Kate Kishi              August 28th
Mitsuko Komatsu    August 29th
Akiko Sera             September 4th
Emi Oba                 September 20th

NIWA News June 2015

Thank you to our members and very welcome guests for joining the NIWA Yasuragi Iojima day trip. Yummy food was eaten, cozy onsen was taken, and refreshing ice cream was enjoyed by all. Throw in some play time, foosball, and massage chairs, and it was practically perfect. We hope to see you all at the July meeting or fireworks event!


July Meeting

July 8th (Wed), 6pm at Brick Hall

Join us for our monthly meeting, to be followed by dinner at CocoWalk. We`ll be talking about what`s coming up for summer, the International Festival at Dejima Koryukaikan, and more.


Minato Matsuri Fireworks

July 26th (Sun), 6pm at Miwa`s house

Please bring a dish to share! We`ll relax and kick back at Miwa`s house with some delicious food before heading to the waterfront for the city`s annual firework show. Children, partners, and friends welcome!


*Please give KATE KISHI a warm pat

on the back, a big bear hug, or a

hearty handshake next time you see

her. She is NIWA`s new secretary!

NIWA News May 2015

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Hasami Ceramics Festival and our May meeting and Rose Garden Party! Mitsuko K was kind enough to open her home again and share her beautiful flowers with us. Mitsuko T collected membership fees for the new year, so please be sure to pay her next time you see her!

NIWA News April 2015

Thank you to everyone who came out for lunch in Michinoo and hanami at Nakaojo Park! It was the perfect day for a picnic under the cherry blossoms. A big welcome to our newest members Emily and Kate, and to (hopefully new members) Lizz and Rachael!

See you in April!


April 29th, TBA

Hasami Pottery Festival

We will be driving to Hasami for the annual pottery festival. Please let Shannon know if you would like to go. More information to come!

May 6th, 11:00am
Rose Garden Party and May Meeting

Take the 10:31am train bound for Nishi-Isahaya Station (arriving at 11:02am). Shannon will be there to drive members to Mitsuko`s house. Please bring a dish to share and your annual membership fee. (Tanaka San will collect fees in April as well.)

Charity Sale Update!

We will be donating to Ashinaga once again, a very deserving charity located in Tokyo that helps orphans in need worldwide.

Happy Birthday to our members born in March and April!

Emily H.       Mar 18th

Miwako F.    Mar 24th

Shannon S.   Mar 25th

Taeko M.      Apr 14th

NIWA News - December 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The charity sale on December 7th was a success! I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who braved the chilly weather to help out! Thanks to the hard work of our members we will be able to donate a substantial amount of money to some charities again next spring. Please put your thinking caps on; if you have any good ideas for deserving charities let us know at one of our upcoming events!

Thank you as well to everyone who joined us for our Christmas party and 打ち上げ on Saturday night. It was good fun and lovely to spend time with each other. May you all have a warm and delightful holiday season!


Oyster BBQ in Omura, January 25th 2015

Join us for an oyster BBQ in Omura on Jan 25th. Price for members is ¥1,000. Family and friends welcome!


Train departure schedule:

Nagasaki Station  11:00

Kikitsu Station     11:21

Isahaya Station    11:28

Nagasaki Lantern Festival, February 21st 2015

Mark your calendars! We`ll be enjoying our annual Lantern Festival event on February 21st. We`ll meet for dinner first and then walk to the festival to enjoy all the lights and activities. Time and restaurant information to be announced!

Girl`s Day Festival and March Meeting, March 1st 2015

Miwa will have her beautiful dolls on display once again for us all to enjoy. Bring a dish to share for our annual Girl`s Day potluck and March meeting. Time and details to be announced!

Unzen Day Trip, March 15th 2015

NIWA will be taking a bus from Nagasaki to Unzen for a lunch and onsen event on March 15th! Price for the entire event, including the bus, is only ¥3,500. What a deal! Bus departure time and other details to be announced.


NIWA News - November 2014

Thank you to everyone who worked the Nagasaki International Festival on October 26th and helped price charity sale items on November 16th!


  • NEW MEMBER WELCOME PARTY, November 30 (Sunday) 11:00am

Join us and our new members for the lovely fall foliage at Shindenan. We will meet at 11:00am outside the Tamaya department store in Shindaiku. We`ll walk to Shindenan and then walk to lunch at Muryoan, a local Japanese restaurant. Shindenan is ¥300 and lunch will be ¥1,000 for members.

  • 2014 CHARITY SALE, December 7 (Sunday) 10am-3pm (set up from 8am)

It`s that time of year again! Come on down to the Nagasaki Shimin Kaikan for some delicious baked goods and great sale items. If you are able to help us out please let us know! In case of rain we will move the sale to Dragon Promenade in Wharehouse C, next to Youme Saito.

  • CHRISTMAS PARTY and UCHIAGE, December 13 (Saturday) 6:30pm

Let`s enjoy Christmas and a job well done with a delicious tofu course dinner at Ume no Hana in Tsukimachi. Price for members is ¥2,000. Please bring a gift, no more than ¥500, for the gift exchange.


Happy Birthday to our Members Born in November!

November 25 - Mitsuko Tanaka
November 29 – Noriko Hayashida

NIWA News - October 2014

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Kankomaru Cruise in late September. We met some wonderful women who are new to the area: Joy from Canada, Tina from the US, and Jessica from Australia. NIWA hopes to see them regularly!

  • International Festival at Dejima Kaikan

Oct 26 (Sun) 10a-3p

We will have a booth again this year at the festival. Please help out from either 9am-12pm or 12pm-3pm if you`re available!

  • November Meeting

We`ll be discussing a date and time for the Shindenan Tour, as well as upcoming pricing meetings for the charity sale.

Nov 5th, 6:30p at Brick Hall

  • Shindenan Tour and Lunch

Help us welcome new members with a tour of Shindenan followed by lunch. The fall leaves will be beautiful.

Nov 24th or 30th (TBA)

  • Charity Sale

December 7 at Nagasaki Shimin Kaikan

  • Christmas Party and Uchiage

Dec 13th (Time TBA)

NIWA News - September 2014

Thank you to everyone who attended the September meeting. We had some great discussions and made a lot of progress. This Autumn promises to be a busy but fulfilling season!

  • PRICING MEETING – Sep 9 (Tues) 10a-3:30p in Nagayo

We will meet at Mitsuko K`s mother`s house in Nagayo to begin pricing items for the charity sale. NIWA will cover costs for lunch. Please contact Shannon or Mitsuko K. for directions to Nagayo.

  • Kankomaru Cruise and Lunch – Sep 23 (Tues) 11:30a-3p

Please join us for a cruise around Nagasaki Bay to be followed by lunch at Dejima Wharf. We will meet at 11:30am at the Nagasaki Ferry Terminal at window #7 on the first floor. Price for the lunch and cruise is ¥2,300.

  • International Festival at Dejima Kaikan – Oct 26 (Sun) 10a-3p

A very big thank you to Tanaka-san for attending the booth placement drawing. NIWA will be located on the 4th floor this year. We will begin set up around 9am, and we need to help clean up afterward. We can sell small items and crafts this year.

Happy Birthday to our Members Born in September!
September 4 – Akiko Sera
September 20 - Emi Oba

NIWA News – August 2014

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Minato Matsuri fireworks at Dejima Wharf. We said our farewells to Alyssa and Randall while watching 3,000 fireworks go off over Nagasaki Port.

•    CHARITY SALE – December 7 (Sun) at Shimin Kaikan We have chosen a date for the charity sale! Please mark your
calendars and get ready for upcoming pricing meetings.

•    International Festival at Dejima Kaikan – Oct 26 (Sun)

Tanaka-san will attend the booth drawing for us on September 2nd to secure our place at the festival. Be sure to thank her when you see her!

•    SEPTEMBER MEETING – Sep 3 (Wed) at 11am at Brick Hall We will be setting up pricing meetings and discussing upcoming events, including the International Festival on October 26.

•    Shannon will do her best to distribute NIWA flyers around the city in the next month to (hopefully) recruit new members! Please let her know if you can help!

Happy Birthday to our Members Born in August!
August 25 - Marianne Errebo-Bache
August 29 – Mitsuko Komatsu